Dr. Ginger’s Secret Report

Oversight Board Reviewing Monitor’s Report;|
“Not Allowed” to Talk About It.

Members of Albuquerque’s Civilian Police Oversight Board have been given the discussion draft of the Fifth Independent Monitor’s Report, but they have been told they are “not allowed to talk about it” and so the Board members aren’t sure what to do with it between now and May 2nd.

Disregarding any obligation to the “civilians” for whom they are supposed to serve as eyes and ears, the Board Chairperson, Joanne Fine, announced that the Independent Monitor’s 5th Report would not be “made public” until May 2, and could not be talked about until then. Another Board member, Dr. Sue Brown, said that while reading Dr. Ginger’s report a number of things concerned her, and she appeared to want to discuss them with the other oversight board members.

The Civilian Oversight Board has also turned down an Inspection of Public Records Act (IPRA) request for the Monitor’s Report, arguing that the Settlement Agreement does not allow the Monitor’s Report or any communications with the Monitor to be considered “public records.”

The draft Report has reportedly been sent to numerous police, oversight, and administrative officials and lawyers within the last week for their review and comments.

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